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Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Software

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Reduce planning cycle times, improve forecast accuracy and budget with confidence

Compare multiple plan versions, assess the impact of changes in key budget drivers and model financial outcomes.

Many organisations invest significant time and effort in planning, budgeting and forecasting, but often the result is a budget that lacks relevance and a forecast that is unreliable or out of date. Today’s changing and increasingly complex environment demands that your planning process is timely, agile, aligned with organisational structures and able to facilitate collaboration between finance and non-finance managers that understand your business.

We help organisations move away from manual, spreadsheet-based planning and budgeting processes, to more automated driver-based solutions with version control, workflows that simplify collections and approvals, configurable entry sheets that reduce errors, and collaboration tools that involve the right people at each step in the process.

We provide solutions that help you simplify financial statement planning, cashflow planning and rolling forecasts. We deliver applications with in-built functionality for revenue and expense planning, people planning, capex planning and projects planning that ensures fast cloud deployment of your planning, forecasting and analysis models.

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  • collaborative planning approaches across the business?
  • data entry free of errors and inaccuracies?
  • a streamlined submission cycle?
  • version controls for plan iterations?
  • workflow and approval procedures?
  • top-down and bottom-up budget processes?
  • timely and automated rolling forecasts seeded from actuals?

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